Custom Tins

Custom tins are perfect for businesses and corporations who want a unique packaging to market their product and show off their brand. For centuries, metal tins have been used as gift and collectible packaging for a wide range of products from board games to cookies to tea.

custom tinsBall is a trusted name in custom tins and metal packaging. We have produced custom metal packaging for a number of national brands including:

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Wholesale Tin Containers Made in the USA

We are one of the leading suppliers in the United States for wholesale tin containers. Our tins are manufactured in the USA at our Baltimore facility. We are have a wide range of capabilities to fit your specifications and our tin containers can be printed with your custom artwork. We offer digital printing as well as lithography. Our art department can help you choose which printing method is best to meet your artwork standards, delivery needs and budget.

Get Your Custom Tin Project Started

Ball can help you design and create the perfect custom tin packaging for your company. Contact a sales representative to get started.

Free Metal Packaging Mock Up
Would you like to a physical sample design of how your product would look in a metal package free of cost, free of commitment and free of hassle?

Have you worked with Ball to custom design a metal package for your product but don’t have time to wait for your finished product before you promote your brand package to the market place? Ball understands the fast-paced world of brand packaging.

Ball Aerosol & Specialty can show you how your product will look long before it enters the manufacturing process. If you need to commission advertising photography in order to promote your product in advance of hitting the shelves, Ball has the solution.

It’s quick and easy. Provide us with physical art and we can show you how metal packaging will give your product better shelf appeal than the competitor. Provide us with any digital art and we can give you a nearly perfect replica of your finished metal package.

Our sales department is available to assist you in requesting your free mock up. Reach us toll-free at 800-436-6830 ext 2 or email us at specialtysales[at]

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Trust Ball With Your Custom Tin Project

Fishers Popcorn TinPeople may try not to judge a book by its cover – but when it comes down to it, packaging has a major influence on our purchasing habits. Ball’s custom tin containers are perfect for your company’s product, making sure that you stand out from the competition.

Our custom tins are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and are highly adaptable to fit your unique needs. Our tin containers can be used as food packaging, containers for give-aways and so much more! There are endless uses for our tin containers – just use your imagination.

Our tin containers are made using 100% recyclable materials so your customers will know that you care about the environment. You can also feel comfortable knowing that you are supporting a domestic manufacturer. Our custom tin containers are made in the USA at our Baltimore plant.

Custom Tin Portfolio

Ball has worked with major national brands on custom tin projects including:
Fisher’s Popcorn – Honorable Mention 2012 Golden Image Awards
Meguiar’s Car Wax – 2007 Can of The Year Award
Rosebud Perfume Company – Lip balm and cosmetics packaging